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Margaret & Grant Ashby
66B Nether Hill Road
Kenton Valley
South Australia, 5233



Because we believe limousins are about great muscling & that the original, French Pure breed from France were most likely to have more muscling (since confirmed by a scientific study re the F94L gene) we've basically stayed with French Pure breeding. We mostly use our own bulls that we've bred so we know what we've got but use some A.I. and buy in bulls to bring in new genetics. A few years ago we tried A.I. to bring in some polled genetics but didn't keep any as we decided we wanted to stay French Pure. This year we used all A.I. as we discovered there were now French Pure Homozygous Polled sires available. This should be the best of both worlds, staying French Pure & moving to no horns making management that bit easier. We have previously dehorned all our calves at six weeks of age.

We aim to breed quiet, well-muscled bulls & quiet cows that calve easily & have a good milk supply to produce calves that do well & muscle up!!

We use E.B.V.'s (Estimated Breeding Values) as an aid for the selection of docility, ease of calving, low birthweight, good milk supply & with emphasis on higher 400 & 600 day weights. These figures are available to potential customers, if they are interested, to help in their decision making.

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