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Margaret & Grant Ashby
66B Nether Hill Road
Kenton Valley
South Australia, 5233



Bulls with hills background

In 1991 we moved to an 80 acre property in the Adelaide Hills where we started with 15 mixed British breed steers. After some research we were quickly sold on the idea that Limousin cattle were the way to go, being so muscled, with a very high percentage of useable meat, plus their ease of calving. We established Ashgrove Limousin Stud in late 1992 and specialise in French Pure cattle as we believe this optimises muscling and hence lean, tasty meat in their offspring. Being 100% limousin also maximises the likelihood of getting the muscling gene in the progeny for cross breeders.

7-month old weaners

We have been selecting for muscling, docility and correct structure with low birth weights to ensure calving ease for 19 years and repeat customers comment on these traits when they return. French Pure bulls, cows & heifers are for sale throughout the year.

We are members of the Australian Limousin Breeders' Society, the Limousin Assurance Program & have E.B.V.'s (Estimated Breeding Values) to aid in our selection & selling of cattle. We also participate in the Limousin Assurance Program, which means our cattle are: